27 Reflection Strategies to Improve Your Teaching

One of these reasons I believe so strongly in blogging as pedagogy is because blogging creates opportunities for critical thinking, connected learning, and reflective writing. And when we reflect we take the time to process our personal response to experiences, situations or new information which is when thinking and learning take place.

Reflective writing gives you the chance think about what you are doing more deeply and to learn from your experience. You have the opportunity to discover how what you are taught in class helps you with your real-world or academic tasks. Writing your thoughts down makes it easier for you to think about them and make connections between what you are thinking, what you are being taught and what you are doing. Your written reflection will also serve as a source of reference and evidence in the future.

I recently came across this infographic that showcases 27 Ways to Reflect on your Teaching created by Mia MacMeekin from Anethicalisland. Mia does a thorough job showcasing a variety of reflective strategies that cultivate a reflective growth mindset.

reflective-practice infographic

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