What Does Innovation Mean to You?

what does innovation mean to you

As we gear up for our discussion of George Couros’ Innovator’s Mindset beginning February 9th at 8PM EST, we have posed this question to inspire some rich conversation about innovation and what innovation means to you.

George Couros defines innovation as a way of thinking that inspires us to create something new – something better. I believe that innovation requires us to think outside of the box – or better yet, get rid of the box altogether so our imaginations are free to explore the possibilities . . . to dream.

I remember when I first thought about creating a “digital human library”. I also remember the first time I told someone. Her reaction was not what I anticipated. My friend laughed at me – and told me it wasn’t possible. “I was dreaming” she said. Despite feeling somewhat crushed, I could not shake the idea. I was convinced that I needed to create a “digital human library” to provide more support for teachers, amplify the educational experience for learners, and build stronger relationships between communities and schools.  So I did.

But innovation is happening all around me on the daily . . . countless teachers and students in AMDSB are embracing an innovator’s mindset and inspiring students to redefine their learning. Take for example the amazing work that is now being shared across our district and beyond using blogging as a platform for teaching and learning. #AMDSBLearns

I have learned that innovation requires a sense of purpose fuelled by a passion to affect positive change. Innovation requires perseverance, grit, and commitment. Innovator’s must stand strong in the face of adversity, and embrace failure with grace. An innovator’s passion and ability to envision something better results from timeless trials of creative problem solving. I also firmly believe that innovation is collaborative in nature – where sharing becomes an embedded part of the work. And aren’t these the characteristics we want our leaders to also possess?

So, what does innovation mean to you? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. If you are interested in joining us further in conversation about innovation in education, please visit the OSSEMOOC site to learn more and get involved!

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