Why Comments Are Important

Comments are an essential part of your class blog.  Comments allow students, and other readers, to engage in discussions, share their thoughts and connect with you on your class blog.
scoffolding student blogging

Comments transform your blog from a static space to an interactive community.

Important parts of the blogging process include encouraging students to:

1. Read other students’ posts.
2. Comment on other students’ posts.
3. Write posts in response to other students’ posts.

Blogging Cycle

It’s amazing how even just a few comments can make student realize they are writing for a global audience — for many it is incredibly motivating.

A Must Watch Video

Be sure you watch The Possibility of Student Blogging by Andrea Hernandez and Silvia Tolisano.

These videos provide an excellent explanation of the blogging and commenting process, the impact of quality blogging on student literacy, and the importance of writing as part of a global audience:


You can also check out Ten Tips for Great Blog Comments from kazmckelvey on Vimeo.

Remember, discussions in comment threads are important for reflective learning. Comments that challenge or suggest alternative opinions encourage you and your students to reflect, revise, review, and evaluate your thoughts and ideas.

Leigh Cassell

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