Blog-gone it – that’s a Great Idea! Blog Business Cards

Last year during one of my meetings with the TLLP team one group member suggested creating blog business cards with students. I thought this was such a brilliant idea so I wanted to share it here! Unfortunately I didn’t record the names of individuals who shared ideas that day – I just wrote down the ideas. So thank you TLLP 2014-2015 🙂

Business cards are a great way to promote yourself, your business, and build an audience. So why not use them to share your blogs? Creating business cards provides students with an authentic purpose for writing. Designing business cards is also a unique opportunity for students to create a product they will use to share their blogs and build their audience. Students could be asked to hand out business cards to friends and relatives encouraging them to visit their blogs and comment. Not only is this motivating for students, but they are developing their skills as readers, writers, creators, and collaborators throughout this entire process. And if students document their work, they can reflect back on where they started and what they learned. What’s more, you have a record of the process of learning, in addition to the product, to inform and guide your assessment.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 1.16.17 PMBelow are some ideas about what you might include on your business cards.


  • Avatar/ Your Photograph
  • Blog Image/Logo/ Student Work (use as a background or image on the front of the card)
  • First Name
  • Blog Name and URL
  • Social Media Links (ie. class Twitter handle, school website/ Facebook page, etc)
  • QR Code – Generate a unique QR code for your blog here. (QR codes could be included on either the front or the back of the business cards)

If you decide to create business cards with your students, please share your ideas here to support others!

3 thoughts on “Blog-gone it – that’s a Great Idea! Blog Business Cards”

  1. We have done something similar to this in Grade 4 this year. Students were asked to create a new job (e.g. banana peeler, trunk opener etc.) and then design a business card for their new job. Students used vista print to design a card and then I printed them off. The students LOVED it and it was a great learning experience. You only have so much space on that tiny card! Definitely a great idea!


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