Official Twitter Education Chat Schedule

I was searching for some educational Twitter hashtags for Pam Lobb today and I came across the site Cybrary Man. First of all, I love the catchy name and idea of a cyber-library. Jerry Blumengarten (Cybraryman) has created and internet catalogue for students, teachers, administrators, and parents with over 20,000 relevant links personally selected by Jerry – an educator and author with over 30 years of experience.

What caught my attention on Cybraryman’s site was the link to the Official Twitter Education Chat Schedule. I know myself, one of the reasons I haven’t joined very many Twitter chats is simply because I don’t know when they are happening, who is leading them, or what my options are. Now that I have the schedule, I can join a chat on the fly – so to speak – when I have some free time.

If you haven’t considered joining in on a Twitter chat, maybe browsing the schedule will be exactly what you need to get started! I have embedded the calendar below for your reference, and it has also been added to the TLC homepage.

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