Student Showcase BCE: App-Smashing to Create a Video

I was working at Blue Water Coast with a group of grade 5/6 students who are creating a movie for the holidays – but this isn’t just any movie! It involves a lot of creativity and app-smashing. Not familiar with the term? (me neither!) App-smashing is the process of using multiple apps to create a project or complete a task. Denver and Ryan are leading this movie making project with contributions from most students in the class. Their goal is to use multiple apps to recreate the video that inspired them just a few short days ago:

Canadiens Players Get Together to Sing “Let it Go”

During a conversation with Denver and Ryan, we worked through all of the steps and apps they would need to use in order to re-create this holiday video (I should make it clear that these 2 grade 5/6 boys identified everything they needed to do to pull this off themselves):

1. Film video clips of each student singing one or two lines from Frozen using a green screen and the Camera app.

2. Locate and download the Frozen audio file from iTunes or YouTube (no lyrics) and save it to the iPad.

3. Use iMovie to create a movie using all of the video clips. Include transitions.

4. Add the audio file to the iMovie and match the video clips of each student singing to each bar of music from Frozen (we discussed that this may be a BIG editing project – timing is everything!)

5. Locate and download a YouTube video to use as a background. Save it to the iPad. (See instructions here)

6. Upload the iMovie and YouTube video background into Green Screen by Do Ink to create the final video.

6. Publish the video to YouTube and share on the class blog, student blogs, and via Twitter.

Where I was able to provide assistance was figuring out how to download YouTube videos and save them to the iPad. So I wrote a blog post about how to do this and shared it with Denver and Brad so they had the instructions. And I’ve shared them here for you as well: How to Download a YouTube Video to your iPad

After my conversation with Denver and Ryan about the “how”, I asked them to document and share their work from start to finish to showcase the process they followed to create their video. Why is this important? From a teacher’s point of view, I have a documented record of the process, and product which better informs my assessment. From a student’s point of view, it’s motivating to reflect back on the work from the initial stages, and compare it to the finished product. Kids see their accomplishments and growth – it’s rewarding. From a parent’s point of view, I can see what my child is working on at school and this information informs the conversations we have outside of school about learning. If we consider the benefits for the wider blogging community as a whole, providing our audience with access to information about “how” a project or task was created, gives others access to information they can use to better understand, and appreciate the skills required to complete the work, and of course, create – or re-create the work in a similar way themselves, or create something uniquely their own. One simple act of sharing benefits so many in so many ways . . .

Grade 5/6 Spoof on Canadiens “Let it Go“:

So what will these two creative minds do with that documentation? Last we talked there were creating a documentary which I will share as soon as it’s been published! Stay tuned . . .

How are your students documenting their learning to showcase their awesomeness? Share you stories here, and be sure to show your students that AMDSB is reading all about the Husky Howlers!!!

4 thoughts on “Student Showcase BCE: App-Smashing to Create a Video”

  1. Great job Grade 5/6 ! The variety of technology and tools our students have access to is incredible and we so are blessed to have amazing teachers like Mrs. Schepers who embrace and encourage this type of learning.


  2. Great job Grade 5&6.We will show your video to the people here at Northcrest. They will really enjoy it.


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