New to blogging

Had a great day being inspired to begin the world of blogging.  Thanks Leigh for guiding us through the beginning steps in our new blogging group today.  Looking forward to getting started.  I learned about several apps from the other teachers in the group.  I have a much greater comfort level, moving forward with my grade one /two students.  I learned that I don’t have to have all the answers before I get started; my students and I can learn together.  I will model the learning experience along with them.

My next step is to introduce my class to our new blog.  I have a few logistics I need to work through….like storage of our new ipads and procedures for daily charging.

I have a lot of pictures sitting on my ipad camera roll and have begun to upload them into google drive and created files so they are sorted by student.  Once my student blogs are set up, I would like to know how I can import these whole files into their blog so parents and others can view them. I also would like to know how to add youtube videos that we watch together as a class onto my class blog so that the children can share them with their families.

I’m sure my questions will be answered as I get rolling…

3 thoughts on “New to blogging”

  1. Good Luck with your new blog! I am sure that as you learn and become more comfortable with it your students will enjoy sharing their work!
    Ms. Kaufman


  2. Thanks for posting your thoughts about our learning today. I really like the idea of having student experts who can help each other as we learn about blogging together.


  3. It really is less intimidating that is appears to be…just roll with it and do it step by step. However, if you have questions…pick Leigh’s brain…she’s awesome and ask questions on here. We all are happy to help!


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