Google CS First Club: Coding for Kids

CS First is a free program that increases student access and exposure to computer science (CS) education (coding) through after-school, in-school, and summer programs. The goals of the program are to increase confidence in using computers, instill courage to try new things, grow perseverance when tackling difficult problems, provide a sense of belonging, and demonstrate the impact of CS in careers and in the community. All clubs are run by teachers and/or community volunteers.


  • are completely free and available online
  • are targeted at students in grades 4th-8th (ages 9-14)
  • can be tailored to fit your schedule and needs
  • involve block-based coding using Scratch and are themed to attract students with varied interests

Start a Club!

Students learn by watching videos on the computer and code using an online tool called Scratch; all videos, scripts, agendas, and other club materials are provided for free by Google. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm to help young people learn and explore — if you’re interested, you can learn along with your students!

For more information about starting a club, visit Google CS First.

Have you considered starting a coding club in your school this year? Or asking a volunteer to start a club? With free access to all of the resources and support available online through Google, the time is now!

Share your club story here!

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