Teacher Feature: Inspiration to Start the Year

I have been browsing some AMDSB class blogs to learn about some of the wonderful work that is happening in our schools. I thought it would be a great start to the Teacher Feature  collection to highlight some of the ways teachers are introducing students to their Class Blog!


Becky Versteeg introduced blogging to her students by posting her grade 2 picture on her blog and writing about how she felt in grade 2! How awesome is that??? Check it out here! (I’m sure Becky is just thrilled that I shared her grade 2 picture with everyone – thanks Becky 😉

Grade 3/4 Bloggers (“What Did You Do In School Today?” … “Oh Nothing”)

Leanna McKee is teaching grade 3/4 this year and she has introduced blogging to her students and their families by posting a welcome message on her blog. Check it out here! (and don’t you just love her tagline?)

Ms. King and the Grade 2/3 Busy Bees

Nicole King kicked off the year by documenting the conversation she had with her students about what they have been doing so far in class. This is a simple and effective way to capture a conversation! Check it out here! You can also check the “King and the Cassell’s” welcome back post from last year which outlines the plan for the day and includes a fun video for the kids. Check it out here!

Grade 6 is Awesome!

Danielle Mascolo started the year by discussing the Ultimate Classroom with her kiddos. What does it look like, sound like, and feel like. I love the title of this post – it really emphasizes that by working together, you can create the ultimate classroom!  Check it out here!


Nicole Kauffman is an intermediate teacher who focused her first days with kids creating a community. Her post includes her class story, a picture, a “wordle” and a quote to finish things off. Check it out here! (I also love her creative title and tagline!)

How did you welcome students back to school using your Class Blog?

It only takes a minute to share your ideas with our community. We want to hear from you! Be sure to include the link to your Class Blog in your comment. 😀

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