NEW! How to Access Tumblebooks at the Huron County Library

Huron County Library has a new way for patrons to access Tumblebooks Library from school and home.

Anyone accessing the Huron County Library will need their library card number to use Tumblebooks. The library card number should only need to be entered once into the browser (as long as the browser is set to remember these things or until the cookies and cache are deleted).

If you are using a direct link to Tumblebooks from the Huron County website, please update your link:|||1|||0|||true

The new link will take you to the Kids Zone page, where you will find many great resources for the students to use.

Rest assured that you are still able to use Tumblebooks from the Huron County Library site, but you will need your library card number.

Once students receive their library cards through the KIT Card program, they’ll be able to access it themselves as well.

 If you have any questions, please contact Shannon Kammerer, Information Services Librarian at Huron County Library.

Huron County Library
77722B London Road South
R.R. #5
Clinton, ON
N0M 1L0
ph: 519-482-5457 x 4
f: 519-482-7820

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