Community Circle Check-In Chat

Today will be our last community circle check-in chat since this is the last Friday before school is done for the year.

My favourite events of the year were:

-Fun Fair (Maricela, Erica, Katie)

-Track and Field (Landin & Josiah)

-Field Trip to Morrison Dam (Josiah, Logan, Nathan, Brody)

-Halloween Party (Rachel)/ Halloween Dance (Josiah)

-When we watched the BFG (Ryan, Tyson, Boyd)

-Pajama Day “You Rock” party (Breanna, Ginger, Cohen)

-Christmas Concert (Madison)/ Christmas Dance (Rachel)

-Valentine’s Day Party (Wyatt)

-Easter Party (Tia)

-Mother’s Day Art (Rachel)

-Making our “All About Mammal” books (Ryan)

-100 Days of School Party (Erica)


Some wishes I have for next year are:

-Nap time (Tia)

-That I can do better on my school work (Wyatt)

-That I get to stay home all day (Cohen)

-To be in Mrs. Cassell and Ms. King’s class next year (Logan, Ryan, Landin)

-To get Ms. King when I’m in Grade 3 (Erica)

-More Play Days (Tyson)

-More Math time (Boyd, Tia, Brian)

-To not be in my brother’s class (Rachel)

-More iPad time (Brian)

-Every subject is Art (Maricela)

-More gym time (Landin)

-To be at school longer (Brody, Ryan, Madison)

-More recess time (Josiah)

-To have more Science experiments (Maricela)

-To have FUN! (Erica, Katie)

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