Measuring the Busy Bees Masses

Today, we were measuring how heavy we were. The math word for that is mass. We stepped on a scale to find out how many pounds we weigh. Then, we got in an order for heaviest to lightest.
We found out:
– that some people were heavy and some people were light (Wyatt)
– that Boyd was the heaviest and Rachel was the lightest (Ryan)
– that Nathan and Ginger were tied for the second heaviest at 70lbs (Ginger)
– that Ms. King weighs the most in our class (Maricela)
– that Katie is the third lightest (Katie)
– that Ryan, Wyatt and Connor weighed the same amount (Connor)
– that Madison weighed two more pounds than Rachel (Tia)
– that Cohen and Erica weighed the same (Erica)
– that not everything is measured in pounds (Ms. King)

We learned the math words:
– mass
– weighed
– pounds
– grams
– kilograms

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