Sophie’s Birthday Thank You

Dear Grade 1/2,

Today I got to open my birthday cards from all of you (Mrs. Cassell, Ms. King, and the Grade 1/2 class). I loved my birthday cards. Thank you so much for them. I was so excited when I saw the giant birthday card you guys made for me. It was so nice! I had a great birthday! I got to visit with my family just as you wished for me to do on my birthday. I got to eat cake for my birthday too but I didn’t really enjoy it because it was lemon cake and I don’t really like lemon cake. I got lots of flowers, a ring, and a bracelet for my birthday. Thank you again for my birthday cards. They really made me happy!

Love, Sophie





4 thoughts on “Sophie’s Birthday Thank You”

  1. Sophie,
    So happy that you had a wonderful birthday! I really love birthday cake, and like you, lemon is not my favourite either! πŸ™‚
    I hear you are doing a wonderful job with all of your math!! Way to go, kiddo! We will share with you what we are working on in math when we chat with you on our next video conference with Miss Overholt.
    Have a great day, Sophie!!
    Ms. King πŸ™‚


    1. Hi
      I have some questions for you.
      : do you like pink ?
      :do you like pizza?
      : what is 8000 +22000=?

      Love ms.towns


      1. Good day, Sophie!
        I do like pink but I do not wear it very often, because my hair is red πŸ™‚ They do not seem to go together very well.
        I LOVE pizza!! MMMM!! Do you have a favourite topping for your pizza?
        The answer is 30 000! I love math!
        Do you have a favourite colour?
        Have a great weekend! Hope you are feeling better, kiddo!
        Hope to visit with you soon!
        Ms. King πŸ™‚


      2. Hi Ms.king,
        Yes I have 2 favourite colours. They are hot pink and turquoise.
        My favourite kind of pix a is Hawaiian with bacon on it.
        I hope to visit with you soon too.
        I have some questions for you!
        1. What is 8000 + 2 + 10 + 18?
        2. What kind of ice cream do you like or do you even like it?
        3. Do you like to do crafts?

        Sophie πŸ™‚


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