Living Things

There are living and non-living things in our world.
Some examples of non-living are:
– paper
– shoes
– desks
– baskets
– pencil cases
– clothing

Some of the things that we use every day were once a living thing.
– paper was once a tree
– clothing came from cotton
– rubber soles on our shoes comes from a rubber tree
– bread was once wheat growing in a field
– wood we use to make furniture was from a tree
– watermelon comes from a plant

Some examples of living things:
– corn
– worms
– Ryan
– cat and dogs
– students in Grade 1/2
– hamsters
– fruit on the plant

Living things need
– water
– food
– shelter/homes

We were wondering what else living things need so we researched and found on the internet:
“In order to survive, animals need air, water, food, and shelter (protection from predators and the environment); plants need air, water, nutrients, and light. Every organism has its own way of making sure its basic needs are met.”
The Needs of Living Things – PBS LearningMedia…/the-needs-of-living-things/

We had a visitor yesterday. Tia’s mom came and brought some animals that she and her family rescued.
Rescuing means to find an animal that needs help and take them in to raise them. Sometimes they get new homes or they stay with the people that rescue them. Why do people rescue animals? So animals can keep living. Living things need water, air, food, and shelter. When people adopt pets, they need to make sure they meet those needs and care for those animals properly. If not, they will get sick and die.

Tia’s mom said that pets that get taken away because they do not have:
– proper cages
– proper food
– water
– money to raise them
– A vet to check them like a dr.

When you have a pet, you need to have time to take care of them.
Cages cleaned

We met 3 of Tia’s rescue animals. Here are some facts about the animals:

Is a black rabbit
Twitch is 5-6months old
Found at 2 weeks
Found in an apartment that was not healthy.
She eats hay & clover & pellets
Likes to play a game of catch with China, a kitty
Chew toys in her cage to help her teeth.
She is nice, soft and fluffy


20150603-141238.jpg  20150603-142130.jpg

A black and white cat
Smaller than a crayon box when they found her
She had an infection in her eye
Tia takes care of her
She eats kitten food
Play with her and fill her water
1 year old on Halloween


A cream coloured kitten
The whole litter was found because the mommy didn’t want to feed them
All other kitties went to other homes


Rescue animals are loving & want affection.

Other animals that Tia’s mom has rescued:
– bearded dragon
– 4 cats
– 2 kittens
– a fish
– a turtle
– puppy

We talked about what we need to do when animals are not being taken care of. Tia’s mom says to call SPCA. Here is the website to contact the SPCA

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