One Sentence News with Sophie

20150526-201206.jpgYesterday we had a video conference with Sophie – our new friend and classmate. Mrs. Overholt goes to Sophie’s house to teach her because Sophie is too sick to come to school. We love video conferencing with Sophie.
During our video conference we all shared one sentence news. We learned that Sophie went to a birthday party on the weekend and she got to hit a piñata. She said their were candies and erasers inside. Sophie also had cake. It’s sounded like she had a great time.
Next we played a name game. We each took a turn saying:
My name is …
And I like … (We had to say something we like that begins with the same first letter as our name). Mrs. C clapped a beat for us while we played. We learned that Sophie likes smarties – and we do too!
We can’t wait until Friday when we get to see Sophie again!
Your browser does not support the video tag

Your browser does not support the video tag

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