Community Circle Check-In Chat

These are some of the things that are working well:

1. People are being nice. (Brody)
2. I am making new friends. (Landin)
3. I’m getting invited to a lot of birthdays. (Ginger)
4. Bake sale! (Breanna, Madison)
5. Video conferencing with Maryn at Little Falls and Sophie at home – we miss her! (Tia)
6. My friends aren’t using hands-on anymore. (Katie)

These are some of our wishes:

1. I want more school time to work with Mrs. C and Ms. K. I also want more math time. (Rachel)
2. I would like more art time. (Madison)
3. I wish I could take the iPads home. (Wyatt)
4. I wish Sophie could be here in our class. (Sophie)
5. I would like to video conference more with Sophie. (Ryan)
6. I wish Maryn was still in our classroom. (Tia, Madison)
7. I wish that there was no school. (Landin)

These are some things that aren’t working:

1. Friends in our class are breaking our class rules even after I have asked them to stop. (Ginger)
2. People are fooling around at lunch time. (Tia)
3. People are getting red sticks for not having their work done so we don’t get to watch a movie at lunch. (Ryan)

These are some of the ways we can solve our problems:

1. Friends need to follow the rules. A consequence could be to take away recess time or a chat with Mrs. Gregus, or cleaning the classroom. (Boyd)
2. At lunch time we need to: sit down and eat, stay in our chairs, talk quietly (no yelling), only talk to your neighbour, put your lunch away quickly without chatting to others on the way, and listen to the monitors. (Everyone)
3. Everybody needs to make the right choices and get to work right away. We are responsible for ourselves.

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