Community Circle Check-In Chat

These are some of the things that are going well:

1. We are getting more homework done.

2. Charlotte from Charlotte’s web came to visit us today (Suzanne MacVicar). She read to us from the book Charlotte’s Web and she taught us some music.

3. We are getting more iPad time.

4. We have new friends in our class – Landin and Sophie.

5. I had more Empower time. (Maricela)

6. We have had video conferences with Iceland, the Cayman Islands, the North Carolina Zoo, and our new friend Sophie.

These are some of our wishes:

1. I wish Sophie could be with us. (Landin)

2. I wish we had more school time to spend time with Mrs. Cassell and Ms. King. (Rachel)

3. I would really like to have a baking day. (Ms. King)

4. I would like more time for art. (Breanna and Ginger)

5. I would like to learn about space in science. (Rachel)

6. I would like to do a lemonade stand and give the money to poor people. (Maricela)

7. I would like more field trips. (Ryan)

8. I would like more lunch and recess time. (Brian, Josiah)

9. We want more time with Mrs. Cassell for more video conferences. (Maricela)

These are some things that aren’t working:

1. Some people are being rude by chasing us and not listening to us when we ask them to stop.

2. We don’t like it when friends get red sticks in their pockets for bad behaviour.

These are some of the ways we can solve our problems:

1. We can ask people who are chasing us to stop. If they don’t stop we need to tell a teacher.

2. We need to learn to control our behaviour by following our Agreements:

Attentive Listening
Mutual Respect
Appreciation/ No Put-Downs
Right to Pass


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