Community Circle Check-In Chat

There are some of the things that are going well:

1. Time and money in Math (Tia)

2. Getting our homework done (Rachel)

3. Getting new things to do like the Fun Fair (Maricela)

4. Ipad time (Breanna)

Here are some of our wishes:
1. More Ipad time (Boyd)

2. To bring our Ipads home (Logan)

3. To do the Fun Fair again (Madison)

4. Getting Minecraft on the Ipads (Ryan)

5. More art time and Mrs. Cassell time (Maricela)

6. More estimating time (Landin)

7. Ms. King letting it be Free Choice Friday (Josiah)

These are some things that aren’t working:

1. Forgetting to get on the bus (Erica)

2. Not keeping their hands off “Sophie” (Ginger)

3. Not shutting off our Ipads (Landin)

4. People getting hurt at recess time (Maricela)

Here are some of the ways we can solve our problems:
1. Waking up my Mom when it’s time to get on the bus (Erica)

2. Move the Grade 1’s away from Sophie (Boyd)

3. Remembering to shut it off when we are finished with it (Landin)

4. Whenever you see someone getting bullied or hurt, you get a teacher (Maricela)

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