Community Circle Check-In Chat

There are some of the things that are going well:

1. Lining up outside before coming in. (Ryan)
2. Making friends. (Brody)
3. Less Empower so I can do more fun things in the classroom. (Maricela)
4. We are enjoying the weather. (Brian)
5. Doing gymnasitics. (Ginger)
6. We all get to see our best friends everyday at school. (Erica)
7. We get to wear shorts and tank tops now! (Josiah)

Here are some of our wishes:
1. We want more art time (every day). (Maricela, Breanna)
2. I wish for more Mrs. Cassell time 🙂 (Katie & Madison, Tyson)
3. We want to bring our iPads home (Everybody)
4. We would like more DPA time. (Erica)
5. We wish for more iPad time. (Rachel, Josiah)
6. We want to be able to download our own apps on the iPads. (Wyatt)
7. We always want more recess and lunch time. (Rachel)
8. I wish for more computer time in the lab. (Boyd)
9. Baseball try-outs for grade 1 and 2. (Ginger)
10. I wish we could have nap time. (Tia)
11. I would like my iPad back. (Josiah)

These are some things that aren’t working:
1. Kids being mean on the bus saying mean things to you. (Rachel)
2. People yelling on the bus. There is lots of noise on Bus 1. (Maricela)
3. People standing up on the bus. (Tia)

Here are some of the ways we can solve our problems:
1. We need to ask people to sit down and speak quietly. If they don’t stop tell a monitor. If they still don’t stop tell the bus driver.


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