Earth Day Activities

Our whole school participated in Earth Day activities. We only have one Earth so we know we have to take care of it. We each planted a tree on the school yard! We also had the opportunity to paint a rock to contribute to the school’s Peace Garden. We are learning ways to help the environment the way it helps us. Watch our blogs for more learning on the impacts of pollution on our environment!

Here’s some of our Busy Bees planting their trees on the school yard with their older buddies:

20150422-201729.jpg    20150422-201745.jpg   20150422-201759.jpg

20150422-201810.jpg   20150422-201822.jpg


And since it was a little chilly, we painted rocks as one large group in the hallway with our older buddies. What creative designs!!!

20150422-201839.jpg   20150422-201857.jpg   20150422-201907.jpg

20150422-201944.jpg    20150422-202004.jpg   20150422-202017.jpg

20150422-202029.jpg   20150422-201923.jpg

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