The Chicken Dance

The Grade 1/2’s have been learning the Chicken Dance. We have found two different versions.
Here’s is us doing the Just Dance version where we copy the video on the screen and the class following along:

Your browser does not support the video tag

Here’s us doing the ‘traditional’ polka version:

Your browser does not support the video tag

– they have different beginning moves and end moves by putting their hands on their knees (Boyd & Katie, Erica & Tia)
– in the traditional dance we spin in a circle (Nathan & Connor)
– the YouTube one had a hand swing (Tyson & Brody)
– they don’t do the open and shut hand gesture in the YouTube one (Logan & Wyatt)

– they both are dances about chickens (Ryan & Josiah, Cohen & Rachel)
– they have the same music (Maricela & Brian)
– they both flap their wings in the dance (Madison & Ginger)

Everyone in the class voted that they like the traditional Chicken Dance the best.



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