Water Cycle

We are working on our water cycle inquiry in Grade 1/2. Here is some of the information we have learned so far about the water cycle to answer some of our questions.


– Josiah learned that water could be dinosaur spit because it is the same water
– Tia & Rachel learned that the water cycle never stops
– Katie, Connor & Wyatt learned that water evaporates and goes into the sky and gathers in the clouds and then it rains
– Logan & Ryan learned that we need to drink a lot of water to stay alive
– Ginger learned that once the clouds get too full of rain that it comes down
– Brody learned that clouds come together before it rains
– Erica learned that everybody is made of water
– Boyd learned that same water has been around for over 3 billion years

We also found this cool rap video about the water cycle:

We are going to do some more research to become experts on the water cycle. Watch for our posts on our blogs as we create our own water cycles.

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