Our ‘Circle’ Square Dance

Lately, we have been learning different dances and trying our best to do the dance moves. We started by learning about moving to the beat in different ways with our body. We tried to keep the beat by clapping, stepping, snapping, jumping, waving our hands, walking, and lots of different ways. We our now going to show you one of the dances we have learned called a Square Dance, except we did it in a circle.

Watch for the other dances we are learning and we will post them here. Ms. King says we can maybe create our own dances with some of our new moves!

2 thoughts on “Our ‘Circle’ Square Dance”

  1. Dear Grade 1/2,

    I would love to see some of your own dances! You have some sweet moves already. 🙂
    Please let me know if you are going to create your own dances. I want to watch the live show.

    What are your favourite square dancing moves?

    Mrs. Cassell 🙂


  2. Dear Mrs. Cassell,
    We have lots of favorites of our square dancing moves. Logan’s favourite square dancing move is heel and toe. Ginger’s favourite moves in the circle square dance is when we spin with our partner. Rachel’s favourite square dancing move is dancing in the circle. Madison’s favourite square dance move is when we go to a different partner and we do heel and toe with the other partner. Breanna’s favourite square dancing move is when we clap hands with our partner. We haven’t learned all of our squares dances. We can show you how good we are at doing it.
    Today, we are going to learn 3 new dances. Ms. King says we can create our own dances after we have learned lots of other different types of dances so we can use our favourite moves from them. We will let you know so you can watch.
    Ms. King & The Busy Bees


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