OPP Constable Stanley


On Thursday, the Grade 1’s and the Grade 1/2’s had a visitor from Constable Stanley from the OPP.

He came to talk to us about many things relating to safety. Here are some of the things we learned:
~ everyone needs safety training to use a gun & there is a BIG difference between a toy gun and a real gun. Even toy guns shouldn’t be pointed at people, especially at people’s faces
~ when to call 911
~ things he keeps on his duty belt which has his gun, radio, handcuffs, baton (not a whacking stick), oc spray, and he does not have a tazor all the time
~ he wears a bullet proof vest
~ not being afraid of police officers – they are community helpers
~ making very bad choices and getting ‘charged’ and maybe going to jail
~ use handcuffs to arrest people if they make a crime to keep officers and public safe
~ becoming junior constables and what we have to do to be junior constables


We all got a certificate after going through the promises of what a Junior Constable needs to follow. Constable Stanley even gave us a Junior Constable sticker and a fun pencil!

Here are some photos from his visit:



We did have some questions for Constable Stanley so we are going to write him an email with all of our questions. We were so excited that we didn’t have enough time for all the questions to be answered. Let’s see if he will write to us to help us learn more about safety and being a police officer! Stay tuned for all our new learning!


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