Community Circle Check In Chat

These are some of the things that are going well!
1. People are being nice to us. (Brody)
2. We are having a party for Easter and watching a movie that tells the story of Easter! (Maricela, Boyd)
3. iPad time (Boyd)
4. We were on CTV News!!! (Erica)
5. We had a video conference with the North Carolina Zoo. (Tia)
6. We are doing great work with our reading. (Maricela)

Our Wishes
1. More recess and lunch time and nap time! (Ryan, Katie, Tyson, Tia)
2. More time on the iPads. (Breanna, Logan, Rachel)
3. Go home earlier. (Cohen)
4. More DPA (Wyatt)
5. More Mrs. Cassell time. 🙂 (Maricela)
6. More time to play the bean bag game. (Erica)
7. More time to eat breakfast at home. (Brody)
8. I want to take my iPad home. (Brody)

Things that are not working for us:
1. People making fun of us and mimicking (copying) me . (Madison, Breanna)
2. People saying I’m not your friend. (Ginger)
3. People pushing and shoving us. (Brian, Katie)

These are some of the ways we can solve our problems:
When someone dips your bucket, we can ask people to stop. If the person doesn’t listen we can tell the teacher. We could walk away. We could ask, what happened today that has made you upset or mad? We need to check in with someone when they are being rude, or mean to find out what has happened in their day.

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