White Elephant Sale

Today the Grade 2/3’s put on a toy sale, called a White Elephant Sale. We got to go shopping with some pretend money. There were lots of things we could buy. There were cars, books, dolls, stuffies, puzzles, nail polish, notebooks, littlest pet shops, and so much more. We each got $2 to spend. We all had a turn to buy one thing and then got a second turn to finish spending our money. Some of us had leftover money and some of us spent exactly what we had. We were smart shoppers and were able to buy at least two things. Please check out student blogs to see what we each bought. Thanks to Mrs. Rempel and her class, and to all the families for sending in toys so we could ‘buy’ and bring home new toys. We had so much fun!







2 thoughts on “White Elephant Sale”

  1. Great shopping experience Grade 1/2! I like that you took the time to think about what you wanted and planned how you were going to spend your money.


  2. Thank you Mrs. D very much for blogging to us. We think you should check out the student blogs to see what people bought. Did you get to buy anything at the White Elephant sale?
    Have a great day, Mrs. D!! 🙂
    Ms. King & the Busy Bees


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