March Break Fun in Grade 1/2

This morning we talked about what we did over March Break. We were busy bees!!!

Tia – I sprained my ankle and got sick 😦

Madison – I went to Erica’s birthday. My mom dyed my hair blue and I got some new earrings.

Brody – I had a sleepover at Cohen’s, played video games, and twisted my ankle.

Tyson – I broke my nose 😦

Ginger – I went to 2 birthday parties and I went shopping. I went to see the new Cinderella movie and I went swimming with my Dad.

Logan – I played in a hockey game and I went to the Maple Syrup farm.

Ryan – I had my birthday party and Logan gave me Minecraft toys. Jake gave me 12 gift cards. We watched a movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Cohen – I played on my iPod. We had movie nights and Brody came for a sleepover. It was awesome.

Wyatt – I went skating and I was a ninja. I went to Toronto to the aquarium and we went up the CN Tower. My cousin came over for a play date. My cousin and I played a whole bunch of Lego games.

Josiah – I went skating. I helped my Dad scrape paint of the closet doors in our house. I also helped my Dad put carpet in his room. I played hockey in the pavilion and we had hot chocolate.

Nathan – I went biking everywhere.

Erica – I had my birthday party and I got a Monster High purse that I can decorate. We made pizza and sundaes and everyone got treat bags. I got to make my sister jealous because she wanted Howling Wolf and I got it.

Katie – I went to Erica’s birthday and we made pizza and sundaes. I went to Madi’s house for 2 nights.

Breanna -I went shopping with my mom and I went to my Papa’s for a sleepover. We went to Dairy Queen. We also went to Toronto to visit my uncle. I went to London to see live animals.

Boyd – I went to my Papa’s in North Carolina. I lost a tooth. I ate a grapple.

Connor – I went to my cousin’s house 2 hours away. I went to the Toronto aquarium. We went to lots of parks and played video games.

Brian – People had a sleepover at my house and I lost a tooth.

Maryn – I went to Toronto to the Ontario Science Centre and did a craft. I made a bow and arrow. I also went to Ripley’s Believe it or Not. I bought 3 things: a bracelet, a pencil, and a wallet. I also made a necklace out of shells. We stayed in a hotel.

Maricela – My family set up a tent in the house and slept downstairs. We set up centres to play at: math, colouring, and making necklaces. I went to the candy store in Huron Park and I bought Skittles.

Rachel – I went to my cousin’s in the US. We went shopping and went for a walk. I went to the eye doctor and  pulled out a tooth. I also stayed at my Nana’s and Papa’s and we went maple syrup.

Mrs. Cassell – My family and I went swimming and went for 2 hikes. We had pizza and popcorn during our movie night and we had a campout in the living room. We went to Palasad for lunch, bowling, and games, and we went to the Children’s Museum.


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