Creating 3D Shapes

Today, the class was busy exploring the properties of 3D shapes. We played with G-O Frames that used 2D shapes that snap together as the faces of the 3D shapes. We discovered some different shapes as we built.

Here are some things we now know after playing:






3 thoughts on “Creating 3D Shapes”

  1. Mrs. Breckon,
    Depth means deep and fat and not flat. (Ryan, Boyd, Connor, Cohen)
    Depth means that fat not flat (Breanna, Rachel, Katie, Erica)
    Depth means that it is a 3D shape and it means it has more parts than a 2D shape. 2D shapes are flat and depth means it is 3D. Brian, Tia, Maricela & Tyson)
    Thanks for your question! Are we right?
    Ms. King & the Busy Bees


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