Community Circle Check-In Chat

These are some of the things that are going well:

1. All friends have been very nice and letting me do what I need to do. (Ginger)

2. We are getting our work done. (Maryn)

3. We are excited about the Book Swap. (Ryan)

4. I have 2 new friends. (Erica)

5. We liked the video conference with the Old Jail Art Centre. (Boyd)

6. We saw real birds and snakes in real life. Brian from Salthaven came to Stephen to teach us about animal safety and how to help animals that may be hurt of injured. (Maryn, Maricela, Connor).

7. A few friends were interviewed by Salthaven.

These are some some of our wishes:

1. More recess time and more lunch time please! (Katie & Logan) 😦

2. We would like more free time on the iPads to code.

3. More iPad time to choose some apps on the iPads.

4. We would like more art time to create shapes and do more painting. (Madison &Maricela)

5. I want to bring the iPad home. (Ryan)

6. I do not want anymore more sad faces or straight faces in my planner. I need to practice my listening. (Cohen)

7. More time to play in gym. I like soccer. (Breanna)

These are some things that aren’t working:

1. We are still getting pushed in the boot room.

2. Name calling (Maricela)

3. Some people aren’t listening to me on the bus. When I call their name they can’t hear me. It’s too loud. (Erica)

4. Friends tell you they aren’t your friends anymore because maybe they want to play with different friends, maybe they don’t understand the words that they are saying and how those words make you feel, or sometimes new friends come and other friends get left out.

These are some of the ways we can solve our problems:

1. Tell the teacher or the principal. But this hasn’t worked for us. (Breanna) Mrs. Cassell make sure everyone lines up and comes in single file.

2. Tell them to stop and tell them how this makes you feel.

3. We could tell the monitors and the bus driver. We can ask the people around us to be quiet. All of us need to use a quiet voice.

4. What are your reasons for not being my friend? We can ask them why they said that. Don’t be rude back

If someone says that to us we can say:

– let’s play altogether or do you want to play with us

– let’s play next recess

– it hurst my feelings when you say that

– ask them to stop and let’s play together

Sometimes we need to find someone else to play with!


One thought on “Community Circle Check-In Chat”

  1. Thank you so much busy bees for letting me and my friends come and visit your room today. We REALLY enjoyed ourselves and learned so much from talking to you and watching you work. You are a wonderful, respectful group of students and you are so lucky to have such a wonderful teacher. Keep up the good work!


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