“The Kindness Campaign” in Room 8 at LCPS

After Pink Shirt Day, I decided to continue on with the anti-bullying theme and turn it into The Kindness Campaign!  Everyone has bad days where they may be unkind to another person, and no one likes negativity SO, we are starting The Kindness Campaign.

This means that we are going to focus on being kind and using kind words to one another everywhere!  The students are reminded every time they enter our room that kind words are spoken here!


We discussed and recorded what it feels like, looks like and sounds like to be treated in an unkind manner and then we discussed and recorded what it feels like, looks like, and sounds like to be treated in a kind manner.

We discovered that we all want to live in a world of kindness.  We want to be included, feel important, feel wanted and to be happy!  Being unkind does not build friendships, it breaks them down!

As a way to build up kindness, we have started using the Kindness Container (just like the Gratitude Jar) where we write down “acts of kindness”.  We don’t write down things we do personally but the things that are done for us!  At the end of each month, we are going to dump our container and share all of these wonderful things that we experienced!  Each month we will start fresh and try to fill our container with even more acts of kindness.


You know that old saying, “kill them with kindness”, well we are trying to knock that negativity right out of our classroom and fill it with positives!  My hope is that it will spill out into the rest of the school and others will follow our lead!

What have you done to be kind today?

2 thoughts on ““The Kindness Campaign” in Room 8 at LCPS”

  1. I love this post! The work you are doing with your students will inspire others to focus on building character and making a difference in the world – all by showing kindness.

    Thanks for the share.


  2. Would you consider sharing some of the recordings you made? I would love to hear some of those conversations you captured. I bet others would too!

    Leigh 🙂


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