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Today in Health class, we learned how to brush our teeth properly. We had visitors that are dental hygienists from the Health Unit that talked to our class and showed how to take care of our teeth and keep them clean. We all got a toothbrush and a timer to take home to brush our teeth twice a day. They also gave us a tracking sheet to help us remember to brush twice a day.

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We learned:
~ to learned to brush in circles (Ryan)
~ that you have to eat vegetables to get your teeth nice and strong (Erica)
~ to brush our for 2 minutes and 2 times a day which is at night and in the morning (Josiah)
~ to brush the inside of our teeth (Breanna)
~ to brush our bite area which is the top of the teeth last (Boyd)
~ to make sure you brush your teeth and if you don’t, bacteria will chew a hole through your teeth called a cavity (Cohen)
~ that when your teeth feel funny you need to go to the dentist (Tia)
~ that we should brush our teeth properly is none of your adult teeth fall out (Brody)
~ how to brush our teeth the proper way (Katie)






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