Learning About Time

Today we were learning about time with the Grade 2/3’s. We worked with a Grade 2/3 buddy and they were the teacher and our Grade 1/2 friends were the students. Some of us were teaching the teachers about time as well.

Maryn and her student teacher learned what quarter after looks like on the clock.

Connor learned from James about half past.

Wyatt learned there is a morning and a night time. Nathan learned that 12:00 is midnight.

Maricela learned about the 45 minute mark on the clock and she taught her teacher a game.

Ginger learned about thirty minutes and that the 30 is always at the 6. Ginger also taught her teacher 3 games about time.

Katie learned about quarter after and gave her teacher some really tricky time questions to solve.

Ryan learned about clocks with hands and clocks with numbers.

Tia learned if both hands are at the 6, it is 6:30.

Tyson learned that we were writing the time from the big yellow clock. Brody learned about minutes on the clock and Mrs. Rempel taught him to see how many minutes before the next hour.

Rachel learned how long things might take.

Cohen and his partner taught themselves a game with half the clock.

Boyd didn’t feel like he learned anything but he did teach his teacher lots.

Brian learned to tell time to the minute which Grade 4’s learned to do.

Madison learned that in different places in the world that it is a different time.
Erica learned that the minute doesn’t stay in one place because it can be between two numbers.
Breanna learned about half past.

One thought on “Learning About Time”

  1. Awesome work Ms. King and Mrs. Rempel and all of your students!!
    Gr. 1/2 and 2/3 you are amazing students and I’m so proud of all of the hard work you too!! Keep it up!!
    Mrs. Desjardine


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