Math Guest Teacher

Yesterday, the Busy Bees dove into some new learning about 2D shapes with a special guest math teacher, Mrs. G.M. She brought us some cool math tools called ‘anglegs’.


To get started, we played a little riddle game to get our minds on our math thinking for the day. We used these fun anglegs to create different triangles and ‘debated’ what makes a triangle a triangle. We finally determined that a triangle has three sides, three corners (we also learned the math word for corner is vertice). We played with different lengths of sides to really explore that there are different types of triangles but all triangles have three sides, no matter how they are turned!



Below is our students starting to ‘play’ with their own set of anglegs. They started with two yellow ‘sticks’ which make the sides of our shape. We found out that shapes can’t have just two sides. We want to make sure that a shape created can continue a pretend pet bunny. If the shape isn’t enclosed, then that bunny gets away. With just two sides of a shape, we did play with the concept of what an ‘angle’ is. We came to the conclusion that triangles have 3 angles as well where the two sides meet.





Mrs. G.M. let us play a game, in partners, where we rolled a number die and a colour die. We used the number to determine how many of each colour we would use to create 4 sided shapes.





We made so many different types of four sided shapes! We kept each one to see what we created and traced on what paper, so we could keep them for another activity Ms. King is excited to do with us.



Here are some of our creations…

20150212-105213.jpg   20150212-105220.jpg   20150212-105227.jpg

20150212-105232.jpg  20150212-105243.jpg  20150212-105330.jpg

Maricela found something really cool with this one…

20150212-105250.jpg   20150212-105255.jpg


If you ‘squish’ the sides in, it creates a different shape!

Brody and Nathan found that they had two different shapes when they used the same two colours, but just put them in different spots.



We took a picture with our ipad for another activity later on in our inquiry about 2D shapes that Ms. King is going to do with us.



After our creations, Mrs. G.M helped sort our 4 sided shapes.



The students found lots of things we could notice about the shapes we created. Mrs. G.M. helped us put names to all our 4 sided shapes based on their properties of lengths of sides and angles.


The students determined, at the end of our lesson, about what we now know about 2D shapes.



We were so happy Mrs. G.M. left us with the anglegs to play with in our next math classes. Watch our student blogs for some of our own new learning!!


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