Blog Buddies – Learning at Its Best


Last month, my blog mentor and colleague suggested our class ‘blog buddies’ work together on a science experiment in hopes my students would learn about “Explain Everything” while getting a taste of light or sound science. We saw collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking all over the place! Not only were the experiments quite well done and documented in a variety of ways, the children honestly and accurately reflected on the experience. Without exception, each student asked, “Can we do this again?!”

Check out one video:  Pop Music trim.98C9FA70-8ED8-4C96-B4BF-0CA789E6727F  an experiment about sound!




One thought on “Blog Buddies – Learning at Its Best”

  1. What an engaging way to extend learning beyond the walls of your classroom. Have you considered inviting an expert into your classroom to join you and your students in conversations about learning? What type of expert do your students think would further their inquiry for this particular project? I would be happy to help you connect 🙂


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