100th Day of School


We had so much fun celebrating our 100 days of school in Grade 1/2! We are 100 days smarter than we were in September! We had many different centers to explore the concept of 100!





Erica, Katie Madison and Tia enjoyed some time stacking 100 cups to see how high they could create their tower. They learned how easily they can be knocked over. Check out their blogs to see their results! A few more friends worked in a larger group to see what they could create! A castle for Mrs. Cassell and Ms. King, we believe was fitting!!



Boyd and Rachel were our first friends to make their 100’s Day Trail Mix. They took 10 objects of 10 different treats to make a bag of 100 mixed up treats! Watch for these coming home! Some friends will get to finish this activity on Monday. We want to make sure all get a chance for this fun activity!



Wyatt and Brian spent some time comparing which would make a longer line, 100 counters or 100 snap cubes. They made a prediction and then completed their work to determine the result. Their blog should have their results posted. Brody also checked out this center. He may have found different results. We will need to investigate this further.



Ryan, Tyson, Josiah and a few other friends made simple maps of the classroom to find the 100th day treasure!! We are going to see where ‘x’ marks the spot next week, as we continue to build on our map making skills.





Oh Ginger!! She had one great time trying to find the 100 objects on this worksheet. Did the total number of things add up to 100?


Maryn and Nathan were super eager to wrap up this center (because they really, really wanted to go to the Trail Mix center!! Don’t worry…you will get your turn!) They were using 100 pattern blocks to create a fun design. How many of each block did you use? Was it symmetrical? Can’t wait to see your posts about your results of your design.



What will we look like when we are 100 years old? Boyd and Rachel are building their artist skills to draw themselves at 100 years old. You have a few years to go before we will find out, my little friends!



Cohen and Ryan took some time to analyze some data! What would we eat if we could eat 100 foods? They had some seriously unhealthy choices to choose from. They worked to tally and graph their thinking. Interpreting results was too time consuming as they wanted to scurry off to the next fun center!



Many of our friends created some gorgeous crowns (note the theme of our class …castle/king) for our 100th day celebration!



Tia worked hard at ways to group 100 objects! She came up with two different ways to group them. Check out her blog post to see which ways she can group 100 objects. Tia also brought the class 100 cupcakes to share. We couldn’t eat them all today, but we did some problem solving to determine that each student gets 5 cupcakes!! Wow…we did eat one today and saved the others for a treat on Monday! Our bellies can’t wait!

Oh what fun we had today!! Serious fun and serious learning all tidied into one!!

2 thoughts on “100th Day of School”

  1. Wow! It sure looks like you were all busy on Friday. It looks like you all learned lots and had fun! Levi wants some of that trail mix too!


  2. Wow! I Was invited to come and see all of your hundred day activities,but sadly I was too busy in other classes. I Sure missed out on a lot of fun. What was in the trail mix?


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