Value of Blog: Author Finds Us

Wow, now we truly understand the power of the blog. Earlier this year we read the fantastic action-adventure novel “Chocolate River Rescue” by Jennifer McGrath Kent. I had made a post showing pictures of the actual river in New Brunswick on my travels this summer. On Tuesday evening, while moderating comments, I saw Jennifer’s name as the author on my post. She found our blog when searching the Petitcodiac River and made a comment. You can imagine the students’ surprise when I asked them to check out the comments on the “Chocolate River Rescue” blog post.

When I was in school, we would sometimes write authors and if we were lucky, a year later our teacher would find us in our new classrooms and present us with a letter. Now, in my classroom, authors find us! Thank you Jennifer McGrath Kent for inspiring us to write and share!

mud river - chocolate river

3 thoughts on “Value of Blog: Author Finds Us”

  1. That is very exciting news! Your students must have been over the moon.
    I posted a link to our blog on twitter, and asked people to read and comment on our blog posts. By the time I was at school, there were some comments. It was exciting for my kids.
    One of my students was concerned about entering into a conversation with a stranger. Now we have a natural reason to talk about media safety again!


  2. What a perfect teachable moment based on a student’s inquiry! I love the idea of sharing your blog on Twitter and asking people to visit and comment on your Class blog. Our students will start using Twitter next week and that is a great first tweet!

    Leigh Cassell


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