Mystery Liquids

In Grade 1/2, we tasted some mystery liquids to find out what they were. Ms. King told us they were from her kitchen so we knew they were safe to taste. We know not to taste just any liquid and Ms. King is going to teach us about some safety symbols for non-food liquids. It did take us a few days to finish our experiment. We found out that some smelled disgusting. We recorded what each tasted like, what each smelled like, what it looked like and what it felt like. These are called observations when we use our senses. The mystery liquids were: vinegar, ketchup, molasses, water, BBQ sauce, corn syrup and cooking oil. We liked to taste them even if they tasted yucky. It was awesome. We weren’t always right with our guesses (called a hypothesis) but that’s okay because we changed our guesses as we gathered more information. We spilled a little which led to some questions about what works best to absorb the liquids. Ms. King says we can do an inquiry on what works best to clean up liquids.






6 thoughts on “Mystery Liquids”

  1. I’m really glad to hear that you are being careful scientists and checking the labels for symbols. How many of your senses did you use to figure out the mystery liquids?


    1. We used tasting, smelling, touching, and looking. We didn’t use hearing in our science experiment. Thank you, Mrs. Rempel!
      Ms. King & the Busy Bees


  2. Great job Grade 1/2! I like that you are being safe but also that each of you tried some different liquids!
    Keep up the good work!
    Mrs. Desjardine


    1. We learned that some liquids and solids have symbols on them to keep us safe. We learned the symbols for explosive, poison, corrosive, flammable and toxic. Then we went on a hunt on our ipads to find more safety symbols we could learn about.
      Ms. King & the Busy Bees


  3. It sounds like a fun science experiment! I loved all of the pictures of the class carefully trying samples and recording data. How many symbols have you learned about so Far ?


    1. We learned about five different safety symbols so far about liquids and solids.
      Have a great day!!
      Ms. King & the Busy Bees


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