Community Circle Check-In Chat

Today is Friday and it’s time for our Check-In Chat!

These are some of the things that are going really well in Grade 1/2:

1. Doing your work better – we are learning how to work smarter (Josiah)

2. We love video conferences and meeting new people. (Ginger)

3. Moving up in our reading levels. (Ginger)

4. Trying different activities like News-o-matic on the iPads. (Maricela)

5. We love having more time to work on coding. (Boyd)

6. Writing on our blogs. (Ginger)

7. Listening to reading on our iPads. (Tyson)

These are some of the things that are not

Here are some of our wishes:

1. More time to work on the iPads and blog. (Rachel, Ryan, Nathan)

2. More free time on the iPads. (Josiah)

3. More lunch time and recess. (Logan, Katie)

4. I wish Mrs. Cassell and Ms. King watch us out the window while we dance. (Cohen)

5. We would like Minecraft on the iPads and other games where we can build. (Ginger)

6. More time to do art. (Maricela)

7. More game time. I like the game Dragon Fable. (Josiah)

These are some of the things that aren’t working:

1. Some of us are not getting our work done on time. (Rachel)

2. We are having some trouble on the bus with people yelling, hitting, and bothering us. (Maricela)

3. In the boot room we are getting pushed over because people are coming in and knocking us over. (Ginger)

Here are some of the ways we can solve our problems:

1. To get our work done faster we need to stop talking, and stop fooling around. (Maryn, Josiah) We can ask our friends around us to be quiet so we can focus. (Ginger) We can also ask for help if we need it. (Rachel) If you are having a hard time focusing on your work, move to a quiet space. Get headphones to block out any noise that is bothering you. (Mrs. Cassell) We can also ask for more time. (Ginger)

2. We need to ask people to stop doing things we know are wrong on the bus. (Josiah) If they don’t stop tell the bus monitor or the bus driver. (Maricela) We can only control our own behaviour. So if we do what we are supposed to do, other people will see us and hopefully do the right thing as well. (Wyatt)

3. We need to line-up before coming in so everyone isn’t in the boot room at the same time. We will come in and grab our stuff and move into our hall so we are out of the way. Mrs. Cassell will talk to Mrs. Gregus about coming in first thing in the morning.



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