Bus Behaviour: What if we all just did the right thing?

Today we are talking about positive bus behaviour. How can we help make the bus ride better?

What kind of problems do you see on the bus?

1. People not listening. (Brody)

2 People get sent to the front to sit because they are hitting others. (Katie)

3. People not listening to their bus buddy. (Ginger)

4. People eating on the bus. (Connor)

5. People screaming on the bus. (Maricela)

6. People using hands-on. (Tia)

7. People facing backwards. (Ginger)

8. People standing up while the bus is moving. (Maryn)

9. People tripping others while they are walking past them. (Breanna)

What kinds of things should we be doing when riding on the bus?

1. Stay sitting in your seat. (Josiah)

2. Listen to the bus driver and the bus monitors. (Brody, Maricela)

3. Follow instructions given by the bus driver. (Tia)

4. Face forward when riding the bus. (Ginger)

5. Keep your body on your seat. (Josiah)

6. Keep your hands and other body parts to yourself. (Connor, Breanna)

7. Use a quiet indoor voice. (Maricela)

If we know how to behave, and if we know what behaviours aren’t appropriate, why aren’t people doing what they are supposed to do?

1. They don’t want to listen because they don’t like you. (Maricela)

2. They want to get in trouble. (Maryn)

3. They aren’t thinking about what they are supposed to do when they are causing problems. (Ginger)

4. They just want to bug others. (Connor)

5. They are making bad choices because they want to get in trouble. (Maryn)

So what can we do to be a part of the solution?

1. If we see bad behaviour we can ask them to stop. (Breanna)

2. If they don’t stop we can tell a monitor or the bus driver. (Tia)

What if we all just did the right thing??? 

Mrs. Cassell and the Busy Bees




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