Apps and creating accounts

As I am introducing students to new apps to show their learning (haiku deck, popplet, Lego movie maker etc), I am wondering how any of you set up your accounts? Some apps ask you to create an account with your email address and name, are you using your first class email? If so, do you then login to all your class iPads to set it up? I have created an account with my email so that I could play with the app to ensure it us useful for my kids, but now what? Any ideas would be appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Apps and creating accounts”

  1. I use the google ed account email address and password that was used to set up the ipads for your classroom (this is different than the personal google ed account that you may also have). It is considered safe because it is within the board domain. It is the same email that you use for your apple ID.

    Hope this helps.


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