Rhonda ‘The Health Nurse’

Today (Dec. 18), we had a health nurse come to Stephen Central. She came to teach us the healthy food groups and what is healthy and what is not healthy.
These are some facts we learned:
~ for a snack you should have two food groups (Boyd)
~ if you have a pop every day you would have a bag of sugar in your body (Ryan)
~ for supper you should have three food groups (Katie)
~ there is a fruit called kiwi (Connor)
~ I learned that there is colours from the rainbow of the food groups (Maricela)
~ I learned that at six you need to have 3 milks a day (Cohen)
~ for lunch I have a sandwich (Tyson)
~ I learned that you can put two food groups together (Erica)
~ I learned that there is really a healthy juice which is orange juice (Ginger)
~ I learned about drinking more healthy drinks (Madison)
~ for a healthy meal you have to have 3 food groups in your body (Tia)
~ I learned that ice cream is a diary product and sometimes it has sugar in it (Josiah)
~ I learned that yoghurt is healthy (Breanna)
~ I learned that there is healthy meal (Brody)
~ you should eat healthy too (Wyatt)
~ I learned that you are allowed to eat junk food but only when are done your healthy foods but you have to eat from all four food groups (Brian)

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