Cookie Making!!!!

What fun we had making cookies!!! We made 4 different batches with the help of our wonderful volunteers!



We did all the measuring and learning how to follow a recipe! We might have broke an egg or two and spilled some ingredients, but it was all part of the learning.



We did some mixing. Some by hand and some by the use of the electric mixer (with adult help).




Then it was time to play with the dough. We cut them with cookie cutters or used the pan to make special shaped cookies.


So many trays of cookies to get all baked.



Excited to get to decorate and taste all the cookies we made!!

The students requested the recipe to have for home. Here are the copies of the recipes:

20141216-074148.jpg     20141216-074155.jpg   20141216-074202.jpg

THANK YOU to the volunteers that came in to help. We had so much fun and wouldn’t have been possible without you! Wishing you all some happy baking at home!!


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