Coding Apps for Kids

Last week my grade 1/2 class participated in the Hour of Code and absolutely loved it! Your browser does not support the video tag
My students were engaged and excited as you can see from the video above. They were collaborating, thinking critically, and solving problems in a fun and interactive way.

Becky Versteeg wrote a post about her students’ experiences with the Hour of Code. If you missed it you can check it out here.
My students had the choice of which apps they wanted to try. These were our favourites: Lightbot, CargoBot, Kodable, Daisy the Dinosaur, and the Foos.
I thought it might be helpful to share a list of coding apps that students can use to help them learn the basics of coding.
Below is a visual of coding apps I found on the site: Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Click on the link above to read the post which includes a brief description of each app shown in the visual below.
Did your class get involved? If so, what apps or websites were your students using? What kind of learning did you see as a result of the experience?
As always, I hope you will share your learning here!


6 thoughts on “Coding Apps for Kids”

  1. My class is loving coding as well. I loved watching them problem solve and help each other. It was also great to see different kids be the experts. I have some students talking about becoming coders. This has been a great experience!


  2. My students did hour of code as well and are often spending free time doing coding now! We did it on the iPads where the boys did angry birds and the girls did Frozen. It was a great learning experience and our SERT learned a lot being with us for part of the time. During this time, it was great to see everyone thinking critically, encouraging and supporting each other and collaborating to help everyone get to the end. They were amazed that people “get paid to do this”! When I gave out their certificates at the end of the day, they were so cute as they clapped and cheered for everyone. It built up everyone’s self esteem!

    My question,
    Can students access the hour of code site anytime or does it eventually go offline?


  3. Thank you for all of the information on the different coding apps that you have come across. It teaches real programming, they are experiencing with writing real lines of code & here students can also learn problem solving & other skills. Hour of Code apps also gives great information about a lot of the different app.


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