Sharing Christmas Traditions with our Friends in Colombia

20141209-121041.jpgToday we met new friends from Manizales, Colombia. Colombia is in South America. When we looked at Colombia on the map we noticed it is right on the equator. We know that the sun shines the hottest at the centre of the Earth along the equator so it is warm in Colombia all year round. Our friends told us the temperature in Colombia today was 18°C. They wanted to know if we had snow! Sadly we didn’t have any snow today. Once the snow comes we will show them all of the clothes we have to put on to go outside and we will show them our snow.

The name of their school in Colombia is Asociación Colegio Granadino. Our friends are in grade 3. They speak Spanish and English. We are lucky they speak English because that means we can talk to them.


Today was a lot of fun. We shared our favourite Christmas traditions, and had a chance to show our friends in Colombia some of our holiday decorations and tree ornaments. But the best part was when we got to perform our Christmas Concert for our Colombian friends. Next it was their turn to sing their Christmas Concert song to us! It was so much fun.



We will be meeting with our Colombian friends again in January to talk about our Christmas holidays and compare our New Year’s celebrations. We can’t wait!!!


Here are some clips from our video conference today:

Bunuelos de Queso

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