D&D Automation 2nd Annual Robot Challenge

D&D is looking for schools within the Avon Maitland District to get involved with our 2nd Annual Robot Challenge.  Interested schools would need to run an extracurricular robot club in order to prepare for an afternoon of friendly competition with other schools.  This competition would take place at D&D Automation and would involve a tour of our Stratford facility.

The target age group for this challenge is from Grade 5-8 and we are hoping that you would be able to send a team of 5 to compete in this challenge. We are planning to host the competition on the afternoon of February 9th at our Stratford facility.

In order to make this event a reality for your school, we require someone from your staff to organize a robot club.  This individual does not need any prior knowledge of the Lego Mindstorms product.  D&D is willing to provide training and support to any school that has an interested staff member willing to work with a group of students. We will have lego kits that we will distribute on loan to participating schools to prepare for the event.


Here is a picture of an example robot that could be built with the EV3 Mindstorms Lego.


If your school is interested in pursuing this opportunity please have them contact Vince Trocchi, System Principal of Program, by December 17th via First Class email.

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