Minecraft in the Classroom

Rick Saunders and I were talking about the applications of Minecraft in the classroom and he shared a very interesting read with me. The article comes from the site TeachHUB.com and it’s titled, Minecraft in the Classroom. The article definitely opened my eyes to even more possibilities for the integration of gaming into your classroom program. I can’t say I’m sold on Minecraft . . . yet – but now I’m definitely thinking more about it.

If you are using Minecraft in your classroom we would love to hear from you! Please comment on this thread to start the discussion.

2 thoughts on “Minecraft in the Classroom”

  1. I love the idea of using Minecraft in the classroom. I can think of lots of uses.

    I wish the iPad minecraft app was able to be used with pc servers. Unfortunately, I do not believe you can customize much in the iPad version.
    Do you know of anyone who uses the MinecraftEDU software? Is it worth the additional cost?


  2. Hi Dan,

    I am not familiar with any teachers in our Board who are using Minecraft. I will check with Richard to see if any of his NGL teachers are giving it at try.


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