Community Circle Check-In Chat

Some things we have enjoyed this week are:

– practicing for the Christmas concert (Josiah, Ginger)

– Brain Breaks: Our favourite brain break this week was “Kitty High 5” (everyone)

– watching our Christmas concert music video

– playing throwing and catching games in gym

– using the iPads to work on our Celebrations iBooks

Some things we are wishing for next week:

– more time to learn using the iPads (Body, Erica, Ginger)

– more recess time (Connor, Ginger, Brody)

– more time practicing our Christmas song with Mrs. Rempel’s class (Josiah)

– more school time to do everything (Tia, Brody)

– more art (Brody, Katie)

Some things that aren’t working:

– getting notes home for misbehaving

– when friends come in from outside there is pushing and shoving in the coat room and sometimes at the back of the classroom

Here are some of the ways we can solve our problems:

1. Be good – take responsibility for our own behaviour

2. We could line up coming in from outside and when we are waiting to hang up our things in the classroom closet. When you line up we take turns hanging up our things to no one gets pushed.

One thought on “Community Circle Check-In Chat”

  1. Dearest Busy Bees,
    Thanks for the wonderful thoughts!! Mrs. Cassell and I have brainstormed some ideas to help fulfill your requests! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Have a great two weeks left of school before the holidays!!
    From, Ms. King 🙂


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