Community Circle Check-In Chat

Some things we really enjoyed this week are:

– working on the iPads (Josiah, Breanna, Ginger, Madison, Ryan, Tyson)

– reading on Raz-Kids and blogging in the computer lab (Breanna, Josiah)

– math games on Friday (Ginger, Tia)

– patterns in math (Boyd)

– playing in the snow (Brody)

– making Christmas List for Santa (Madison, Tia)

– practicing for the Christmas concert (Tia)

– going to the gym to play games (Tyson)

– everything! (Boyd)

– recess (Brian, Josiah)

Some things we are wishing for are:

– something new on the iPads (Brody)

– magic powers (Ryan) *we understand that Mrs. C can’t give us magic powers 🙂

– video conference with a circus (Mrs. C)

– more video conferences and more students (Ginger)

– trying something new on computers (Breanna)

– Minecraft in the classroom (Connor)

– more time running in the gym (Josiah)

– more game time in class (Erica)

– using our iPads in the gym to take pictures of us playing games (Ryan)

Some things that aren’t working are:

– friends hurting other friends – hands-on (Ginger, Breanna)

– people bothering you during math (Erica)

– trying to keep up with other people when we are working in class so you don’t get behind (Brody)

– friends in sitting in other people’s chairs

Problem Solving:

Keep your hands to yourself. Only use our hands to help, play, and hug. If we hurt someone we need to apologize for hurting that person. If someone hurts us we need to tell them to stop. If they don’t listen then tell a teacher or the principal.

If people are bothering us in class we need to tell them to stop. If that doesn’t work we tell the teacher.

If someone is falling behind in class we need to help them. That doesn’t we do it for them. Ask them if they need help and how you can help. Ask questions. Then offer your help.

If a friend is sitting in the wrong place, we should politely ask them to move. For example “That is my chair. Would you please find your chair. Do you need help?”

Mrs. Cassell and the Busy Bees


One thought on “Community Circle Check-In Chat”

  1. I absolutely love these Community Circle Check In Chats! Our class has such great ideas on how to make our class the best it can be. Let’s see what we can do to incorporate some of these awesome ideas.
    Ms. King


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