SAMR Explained Using Google Apps

I found this visual on Google Apps Action by Erifili Davis. Her visual explains how to integrate the SAMR model using Google Apps – specifically Google Docs and Google Hangouts. At each level of SAMR Davis gives an example of a task and the app to do it.


There were some fantastic conversations happening yesterday about how we are using tech in the classroom as we work towards “Redefinition”. I hope you share some of your stories here!

Leigh Cassell

One thought on “SAMR Explained Using Google Apps”

  1. Leigh,
    I love the visual! I think for the first time, I could clearly see the steps in moving from substitution to augmentation. I am going to share your post with the Seaforth staff as I clearly think it shows the different levels. I was thinking we could do the same type of work with other google apps. The first that came to mind was google slides. Last year, each student in my class created a shared slide presentation with another student from Rome. The kids loved it. We also used Skype to connect the classes as well. Redefinition. Thank you for sharing…I think this visual will help many teachers see how they can “bump up” their own teaching practices.


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