Always Learning…

Wow, being a first year in this group, there is so much new learning with using the iPads. With SAMR in mind and although, I wasn’t aware of this acronym prior to this year, I was very aware of the concept of substitution vs augmentation, particularly with meeting the needs of the learners requiring accommodations in their learning. I am much more aware to the benefits of finding effective tools that incorporate Bloom’s higher level thinking. I appreciate the opportunities to push my comfort level continuously, ask questions, and change up my own teaching practice to benefit the learners in my classroom community. My head hurts regularly to challenge my own thinking! Grateful to see the benefits!

One thought on “Always Learning…”

  1. Our group appreciates and values everyone’s contributions. And when we each take the time to share and reflect on our experiences – like you’ve done here – we strengthen on our relationships and build a more trusting community, which I believe helps us all push our learning further. Thank you for your post.


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